SDN: the preferred solution for companies to build flexible networks

While software-defined networking (SDN) has a lot of talk, as business service providers are just beginning to adopt this technology radically changes the way running data centers and enterprise networks.   According to Infonetics marketing research company, the current market SDN expected to increase from $ 781 million in 2014 to thirteen billion dollars in […]


The new frontier: protect data wherever it resides

New working methods, reorganization of the enterprises: as many unpublished realities that transform and stretch the traditional boundaries of the corporate world. In order to face the growing threats of cyber crime and fraud, computer cloud security must be both flexible and scalable. The Data Cloud security Confidence Index (DSCI) published by Gemalto in 2015 […]


Cyber security to prevent data loss in the cloud

Trust is at the heart of the functioning of the online economy, as in every other business ecosystems. However, the Internet is concerned with particular risks: its strengths are also its weaknesses. The main factor of its effectiveness lies in the efficiency of the transfer of information between users. However, this ability is often hijacked […]


Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB): the new Eldorado of security?

Regularly the small world of security is racing for new technical solutions. Some make paperboard; some are flops. Even if the subject is not new, Gartner spoke in 2012, I feel a growing interest in Cloud Access Security Brokers. The reason: the use of increasingly massive cloud applications in companies. What are the security needs […]


US Oracle, announced a private cloud service of pay-per-use system

US Oracle is March 24, 2016 (US time), it announced the “Oracle Cloud at Customer” private cloud of services provided in the pay-per-use system. To build the company’s private cloud of the public cloud with the same configuration in the customer data center, Oracle is also in charge of the operation. Usage fee is also […]


Strengthening “the conversation robot in every application”, the US Microsoft is the AI cloud

Instead of “mouse” and “touch panel”, what dialogue with conversational robot equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) (bot) becomes the protagonist of the user interface (UI) -. US Microsoft’s Satya Nadella CEO (Chief Executive Officer) in the event “Build 2016” which was held on March 30, 2016, was announced, such as AI cloud to realize the […]


Cloud provides NTT Com, the execution environment of SAP HANA in the monthly system

NTT Communications (NTT Com) is April 1, 2016, in enterprise IaaS cloud “Enterprise Cloud”, to provide the execution environment of the in-memory database server “SAP HANA” in monthly system “SAP HANA menu” ( Figure ) It was started. Although software license of SAP HANA is additionally necessary, be able to use the hardware of SAP […]


Cloud services to support the creation of a shift roster, the central system is started

Central system of IT Holdings Group March 30, 2016, towards such as retail stores and food service shop, cloud services “Shifukea” (to support the creation of a shift roster photo was started). Price (excluding tax), the employees (staff) 100 people minimum configuration at 3000 yen, 300 yen per additional 10 people. Initial cost is free. […]


Orange partners with SugarSync for an offer storage “in the cloud”

In the small world of online storage, DropBox has a great reputation, but it is not alone in its market. In the US one of its main competitors is called SugarSync . He landed this week in France through a partnership with Orange. Orange offers its business customers a solution Cloud Pro that will soon […]


Cloud storage offered with Intel CPU

Intel and OVH are joining forces to offer an interesting offer: to buy a processor Core i5-3570K or Core i7-3770K (both based on the Ivy Bridge technology and dedicated overclockers), OVH offers a one-year subscription to Hubic .   Hubic is the cloud storage system in the cloud hosting provider that offers a free account […]


Online storage: which to choose?

Year after year, the ” cloud ” is inserted more deeply into the applications. Even Mr. Everybody has heard and often uses it. Cloud services are increasingly extended and integrated with operating systems, especially on smartphones and tablets where they complement the low capacity of initial storage. However, all cloud services are not equal: they […]


The illusion of free online storage

  The fair price of online storage. “It’s too expensive”: in the field of online storage, often heard this objection from prospects that your proposal is fully adapted to its needs and interesting in terms of costs. What causes this rush to judgment on the prices of professional cloud storage services? The causes are many, […]


Simpler without inherited infrastructure

It may be easier for new companies to engage in the use of hybrid cloud services much faster than established companies because they do not have the long investment in the IT infrastructure that can make them less the obvious advantages of such a migration.Florentin Albu, CIO at the Food and Agriculture Organization says that […]


Can we really do anything in the Hybrid cloud? Impossible, according to IT managers

Cloud computing is still too risky for CIOs venture to accommodate them all enterprise applications. Although more and more companies are experimenting with applications based on hybric cloud computing, technology managers remain extremely cautious about the transfer of critical applications to the hybric cloud, citing among their concerns the safety, cost and reliability. 92% said […]


That uses the hybrid cloud computing?

In addition, the hybrid cloud (like the public cloud) is not well suited to situations where data transfers on both ends of the cloud is a critical operation, sensitive to the delay on the network and latency of polling time . For example, Tatsuya Kimura, head of international affairs at the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA), […]


What is the hybrid cloud? Why is it important?

Cloud Computing: While companies are trying to find a balance between having all IT services on-site and off-load computation time and storage in the cloud, an intermediate solution has emerged: the hybrid cloud computing. For years, computer makers and financial managers of companies are actively looking into cloud computing, but the most security-conscious reluctant to […]





Vehicles updates “Over The Air” will explode by 2022

Future of IT: Using the Cloud computing and telecommunications networks, automobiles should be substantially improved in the coming years, and this distance. Car dealers should be the first to suffer. Updates of software and remote firmware on vehicles (respectively SOTA – Software-Over-the-Air and FOTA – Firmware Over-the-Air) should affect 203 million by 2022 says research […]


Microsoft claims 5 million users for Power BI

Technology: The Redmond company has announced that its cloud service business intelligence BI Power had over 5 million users. New analysis capabilities and data sharing are introduced, including the ability to import Excel data. Leveraging its Data Insight Summit, Microsoft announced some important news about Power BI, its cloud service business intelligence. The first is […]


5 Tips for a successful migration to Office 365

Practice: Migrating to the cloud, as solid and credible solution is chosen, is not a cakewalk. Certainly, the expected gains are strong, but the success of the migration depends on many factors. Update on the main. Yes, one day or another will think your business spend on a collaborative suite and Office Online. And if […]


Servers in the Tip Cloud: Why the Future is a story of hens and eggs

There is a long history in ancient times of the early 1990s, when I was creating my first internet systems for the public, all my servers had a name. The housings testing my Shepton Mallet treatment center had Latin names of big cats, while the servers in London bore the names of great British inventors. […]