SDN: the preferred solution for companies to build flexible networks

While software-defined networking (SDN) has a lot of talk, as business service providers are just beginning to adopt this technology radically changes the way running data centers and enterprise networks.   According to Infonetics marketing research company, the current market SDN expected to increase from $ 781 million in 2014 to thirteen billion dollars in […]


The new frontier: protect data wherever it resides

New working methods, reorganization of the enterprises: as many unpublished realities that transform and stretch the traditional boundaries of the corporate world. In order to face the growing threats of cyber crime and fraud, computer cloud security must be both flexible and scalable. The Data Cloud security Confidence Index (DSCI) published by Gemalto in 2015 […]


Cyber security to prevent data loss in the cloud

Trust is at the heart of the functioning of the online economy, as in every other business ecosystems. However, the Internet is concerned with particular risks: its strengths are also its weaknesses. The main factor of its effectiveness lies in the efficiency of the transfer of information between users. However, this ability is often hijacked […]


Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB): the new Eldorado of security?

Regularly the small world of security is racing for new technical solutions. Some make paperboard; some are flops. Even if the subject is not new, Gartner spoke in 2012, I feel a growing interest in Cloud Access Security Brokers. The reason: the use of increasingly massive cloud applications in companies. What are the security needs […]