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Cloud provides NTT Com, the execution environment of SAP HANA in the monthly system


NTT Communications (NTT Com) is April 1, 2016, in enterprise IaaS cloud “Enterprise Cloud”, to provide the execution environment of the in-memory database server “SAP HANA” in monthly system “SAP HANA menu” ( Figure ) It was started. Although software license of SAP HANA is additionally necessary, be able to use the hardware of SAP HANA in the monthly system with no initial cost free and minimum usage period.

Price (excluding tax), the bare metal server (physical server), file storage of external connection, OS (Red Hat Enterprise Linux), SAP HANA server machine is configured in SAP HANA software (license is not included), memory capacity 256G in the case of a byte, monthly 276,800 yen to include a hardware operation monitoring service. Separately, it is necessary to license of SAP HANA Enterprise Edition 1.0.

SAP HANA is a database server machine capable of high-speed search by the in-memory processing. A appliance device that combines database software on a server machine with a built-in disk, European SAP sets the hardware specification, the server vendors are providing hardware portion.

The SAP HANA, in addition to the appliance unit, referred to as the TDI (tailored data center consolidation), there is also a standard, which is a combination of hardware freely. Use the hardware by SAP certification, in the case where such as performance and availability to meet the required specifications of the SAP, user companies can configure their own hardware. This makes it possible to utilize such as externally-connected storage.

NTT Com this time, a system that conforms to the TDI, which is a combination of hardware freely, consists of a bare metal server and the external connection storage. This was the menu in the form of cloud services of the monthly system. The IaaS foundation, use the “Enterprise Cloud” suitable for use to your production business system.

“Build” was not mentioned in the keynote address, “Windows Phone”, US media concern
Microsoft has, in a keynote speech of California in San Francisco local time annual event for developers kicked off on March 30, 2016 “Build 2016”, the measure of artificial intelligence (AI) bot development for cloud services and Windows 10 It was announced and update plan (related article: Microsoft, to implement this summer a Windows 10 large updates ), there was no talk of “Windows Phone”.

US PCWorld is, “simply, I just was not reflected happened in this case Windows Phone is Microsoft’s radar network. But the problem is that whether there is that Windows Phone is to appear again,” said the company’s Windows Phone It has expressed concern to the future of the commitment to.

US The Verge where was interviewed Terry Myerson’s Windows & Devices responsible executive vice president who finished the keynote, that Microsoft is has stated that it does not focus on the smartphone this year.

He is, “We are fully committed a 4-inch screen, it but will come a time when should focus, we are not in the core you want to attract the attention of developers over the next 12 months,” he said. By the way, “four inches” is also the screen size of the “iPhone SE” has just been released by the US Apple.

His words are reported in PCWorld that it is a shock for the avid fan of “Lumia”. However, PCWorld According to the US Gartner survey data cited is, Lumia is there is only a slight 1 percent share of the world market of smartphones. Microsoft is also rumored to launch has been focused on “HoloLens” and “Surface”, a new smartphone series “Surface Phone” in the hardware field.
On the other hand The Verge is seen from the remarks of Mr. Myerson, and Microsoft is not necessarily abandoned the Windows Phone. Myerson said revealed that there is a “cool plans” with respect to smartphone. “But this year, smart phones even if there is an important part of the Microsoft family, will not be put on the top priority,” he stressed.

Fujitsu, provides a virtual desktop cloud in Akashi data center in addition to Tatebayashi
Fujitsu is March 31, 2016, to provide a virtual desktop in the cloud-based “FUJITSU Managed Infrastructure Service virtual desktop service V-DaaS” ( Figure about), April in addition to the current of Tatebayashi Data Center (Gunma Tatebayashi) It announced that it will provide even Akashi data center (Akashi, Hyogo Prefecture) from 1 day.

V-DaaS provides a virtual desktop environment to be remotely operated from the thin client in the form of a cloud service. On the data center VDI (desktop virtualization) to operate the software “VMware Horizon”, to provide a virtual desktop that is a combination of the virtual machine and the client OS independent for each employee.

Optionally, you can also use to share the Windows Server with multiple users.
From October 2014, it has provided a V-DaaS in Tatebayashi data center. From 16 April to provide even in Akashi data center. Service menu and prices (excluding tax) is the same in both of the data center, from the initial cost is 200,000 yen per month 102,000 yen at 20 units usage fee is a virtual desktop. Sales target is 10 companies 8,000 by the end of fiscal 2016 (2017 fiscal year ended March 31).



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