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Cloud services to support the creation of a shift roster, the central system is started


Central system of IT Holdings Group March 30, 2016, towards such as retail stores and food service shop, cloud services “Shifukea” (to support the creation of a shift roster photo was started). Price (excluding tax), the employees (staff) 100 people minimum configuration at 3000 yen, 300 yen per additional 10 people. Initial cost is free.

Web applications that support the creation of a shift roster, to provide in the cloud type. Individual staff, log in to the Web application by clicking the URL sent by e-mail, to register a work shift that you want. Administrators can log in from the Web browser of a personal computer or tablet, to adjust the registered data. Defined shift table is shared by all of the staff.

Shifukea adds the capability to calculate the near future, the labor costs. By setting the hourly wage of the staff, so that it is estimated the salary for each store.
The company has up to now, has been to provide a cloud-based time management service “Direko”. Direko (Time Management) and Shifukea (creation of shift rosters) operate independently at present, but that plan the future to link data.

AWS of environmental construction services, NEC solutions Ino beta start

NEC Soft is March 30, 2016, was the start of a service “cloud integration services for AWS” to build a system infrastructure using the AWS (Amazon Web Services). Design from consulting for use of the AWS of the server infrastructure, to help to build.

To help to build from the upstream study. In consulting, such as the advantages / disadvantages of migration to AWS from an on-premises, consider the matters that should be organized before AWS introduced. In construction, the introduction of security software and management software.

As security software, hosted firewall software “Trend Micro Deep Security” (TMDS) or, set to introduce, such as a Web application firewall software “InfoCage SiteShell”. As the operational management function, monitoring software “Zabbix” and, to set up a backup of the mechanism using the event-driven program execution service “AWS Lambda”.

AWS of operation, can be used in combination with a separate management services. The company is offering in July 2015, AWS resale service “Standard cloud service for AWS,” or, the higher you set the operation management such as “managed cloud services for AWS.”

Standard cloud service is a service to sell the AWS of the environment in the AWS and the same amount of the fee. In addition to be able to invoice payment by the account settlement, it has the support of AWS of paid support the same level to provide free of charge, and then.

Microsoft introduced the ERP a “cloud native”

Microsoft Japan on March 22, 2016, began to provide a new version of the medium-sized enterprise ERP (enterprise resource planning system) “Dynamics AX”. Conventionally, it was an on-premises products, the biggest feature that became a product of the “cloud native”, which assumes the use of a cloud service from this time.

First, Microsoft will provide themselves as SaaS (software-as-a-service). For that reason, Daniel Brown’s general manager to oversee the application development of Dynamics AX in the US Microsoft is, said, “I because it was thought the flexibility of the system.”

“SaaS Since the introduction period is short, it becomes easy to cope with the increase of the change and the user of the business after the introduction,” said Daniel said explanation. In addition, “because the work, such as become a burden tend to version up in the ERP is not required, the user can focus on the maintenance of the application,” speaking (Daniel) and the benefits.

Of a new version of Dynamics AX was the cloud native, it is also a part of Microsoft’s policy listed the cloud first. We use Microsoft’s cloud services, “Azure”, is in conjunction with the service on the Azure.

An example is, but cooperation with the Microsoft data analysis service “Power BI”. In the new edition of Dynamics AX, available by calling the Power BI from the screen of Dynamics AX
A similar environment and Azure by using the software “Azure Stack” that can be built in on-premise, can also be used in the on-premise / private cloud environment. Also in this case, “it is possible to build the same environment as the SaaS version of Dynamics AX as a private cloud, there is an advantage that it becomes easier to work with service on Azure,” said Brown said. For even Power BI, SaaS version, it is possible a similar operation in the on-premise version.

The use of cloud services in the ERP field in Japan is not going. Mr Brown in this regard, “the process capitalize flexible scalability is at the end of the year to concentrate which is a feature of the cloud service. Facing cloud services even if you want to deploy on a global scale. Our data center is holding a high security cage, no problem to put the data of the mission-critical systems. for customers in the emotional reasons why you think the “cloud is not suitable for ERP”, and continue to appeal these points. “


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