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Cloud storage offered with Intel CPU


Intel and OVH are joining forces to offer an interesting offer: to buy a processor Core i5-3570K or Core i7-3770K (both based on the Ivy Bridge technology and dedicated overclockers), OVH offers a one-year subscription to Hubic .


Hubic is the cloud storage system in the cloud hosting provider that offers a free account with a limit to 25 GB. The partnership with Intel provides 100 GB for one year account, an offer made normally by € 11.8 year. OVH provides web access to data, but also clients for Android, iOS, Windows (beta), Mac OS X (in beta) and Linux (beta).

OVH will recast Hubic, cloud storage service Cloud

At the very end of last year, the French host OVH launched an online cloud storage offering very interesting on paper, Hubic . It gives access to unlimited space for only 84 € per year, well below the rate of DropBox, Google Drive, SkyDrive and others. But the service beginning was very laborious. Victim of its success Hubic long remained difficult to use. Approaching its first anniversary, the service will be reviewed in depth by its creators, as announced by the CEO of OVH in an email to clients.

Octave Klaba indicates that during the next 3 or 4 weeks, Hubic will migrate to a new infrastructure based on OpenStack Swift . At the same time, Hubic applications will be updated to use a new communication protocol (Swift) instead of WebDAV. This protocol will allow OVH to add features such as directory synchronization automatic, highly requested by customers.

Hubic also enriched by new offers. Current Activity will be baptized. A Pro offers added managing multiple accounts on the same space (with different rights) and the ability to store their data on single physical server to other clients and not shared as in the offer Perso. PCS offers goes further. This is a type of offering PaaS : there are more applications, customers access via an API. The payment according to actual consumption. As Pro, PCS offers can be made in private accommodation.

Finally, Hubic Archive intends competing service Amazon Glacier recently launched. This is an offering dedicated to simple archiving rarely accessed documents. Repatriation of data will be slow (several hours) in return, the cost is very low (1 cent per GB). The timing of these deals is not yet known.

The new iMac 21.5 is NOT a happiness for DIYers

The new iMac is available for sale since this morning, at least the 21.5-inch screen model. Those few hours were enough to make some attempt to disassemble, as the Japanese Kodawarisan. Disassembly reveals pleasant surprises: not only the new iMac is easier to open, but it also keeps a pretty good scalability.

Opening is facilitated by the fact that the screen is now glued to its protective window. While he had to play the screwdriver on the old model, just pull hard enough on the glass again with two suction cups to access all internal components.

Among these components, the graphics card is the only one that will be impossible to replace: it is soldered to the motherboard. The processor socket is on , RAM has two SO-DIMMs and location for suppplémentaire SSD array is present even if the option Fusion Drive is not chosen. Kodawarisan unfortunately has not dismantled the entry-level model, which Apple does not offer the option Fusion Drive, we do not yet know if the motherboard of it also has this location. In any case, we can replace the original hard drive in 2.5 by any other, or an SSD of similar size.

In other words, it is almost useless to choose a very expensive configuration options offered by Apple (200 € for two strips of 8 GB of DDR3 250 € the 128GB SSD), better invest in a pair of cups and tinkering at home!
Update: Our colleague Anthony Nelzin of MacGeneration has attempted the maneuver , with less success. It seems that the screen is also glued to the frame, something that does not mention Kodawarisan.

iFixit has provided a more detailed disassembly of the iMac in late 2012 that shower our original enthusiasm. The screen is well and truly stuck and not retained by magnets. Disassembly requires to melt the glue that must also be replaced when reassembling.


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