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Microsoft claims 5 million users for Power BI


Technology: The Redmond company has announced that its cloud service business intelligence BI Power had over 5 million users. New analysis capabilities and data sharing are introduced, including the ability to import Excel data.

Leveraging its Data Insight Summit, Microsoft announced some important news about Power BI, its cloud service business intelligence. The first is the popularity of the platform has exceeded 5 million users.

Microsoft also announced the addition of several features to the forefront of which is the ability to import data from an Excel sheet to transform them into tables and graphs updated in real time. Furthermore, a user can create profiles dashboards to disseminate information based on the access level of each recipient.

And to help companies better understand how their employees are using Power BI, use the reports will show how the different features are used. These new tools will be available by the end of the month.

Market for cloud infrastructure: $ 60 billion in 2015

Future of IT: This market is growing 20% in the fourth quarter of 2015. 5% of expenditure related to security and infrastructure management. HPE dominates the private cloud segment

Overall the cloud infrastructure market grew by over 20% year on year, the result of a massive purchase by server customers, data storage systems, network equipment, operating systems and virtualization software for cloud computing.

These product categories have 95% of all cloud computing infrastructure spending in Q4 2015. The remaining 5% are dedicated to the security and management of cloud computing infrastructures. In total, the cloud infrastructure revenues exceeded $ 60 billion in 2015.

“HPE has a very strong leadership in the private cloud,” notes John Dinsdale, an analyst at Synergy Research Group. It states: “Companies are still buying larger volumes of infrastructure to support their private cloud or hybrid deployments.”

The public cloud is seen as more secure

Cloud Computing: CIOs are beginning to embrace cloud computing when IT managers find the balance between risk and benefit. This is the prerequisite for that then the business departments can make the computer more demand.


The cloud is great. It helps businesses evolve their IT resources on demand according to business requirements. Rapidly changing demands in the digital age. remains a key issue: security.

CIOs just as business managers would like nothing better than using infrastructure and software as a service for certain professional tasks, such as testing and development. But in most cases, testing and development does not involve critical business data or basic production systems.

In contrast, companies tend to be more reticent about the use of cloud computing for systems in daily operation, especially those that contain sensitive data. CIOs operating in highly regulated industries, such as finance and government, were particularly wary the use of cloud computing.

Evolution of morals

However, a tipping point may be reached just in the public sector, yet conservative and reluctant to take risks. A report by Forbes Insights and Microsoft suggests that concerns about the use of cloud computing for IT in the public sector are being countered by concrete success stories. Concerns about data sovereignty, respect for privacy and security are beginning to dissipate as government IT managers see their counterparts to use cloud services.

CIOs recognize that in many cases the major cloud providers know better manage and secure data as internal IT departments. Why a public sector company, for example, she would invest the time and money to set up an internal treatment center when a third party specialist provider of high quality on-demand resources?
Companies should spend money in resources that will enhance their competitive advantage. In many cases, information in all its forms, whether based in the cloud or not, will not be a fundamental business processes. To summarize, your supplier may be able to manage your systems for less.

Clues suggest that IT managers are realizing the power of partnership and profits from cloud services. A study by the IDC market analysis firm has announced that spending by DSI in cloud computing had increase from 42% in 2015.

The study also found that cloud computing initiatives are the most important project for most IT departments today and should cause the greatest disruption in the future. If your company knows how to manage risks, a cloud migration can generate substantial long-term benefits.


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