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Strengthening “the conversation robot in every application”, the US Microsoft is the AI cloud


Instead of “mouse” and “touch panel”, what dialogue with conversational robot equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) (bot) becomes the protagonist of the user interface (UI) -. US Microsoft’s Satya Nadella CEO (Chief Executive Officer) in the event “Build 2016” which was held on March 30, 2016, was announced, such as AI cloud to realize the conversation robot ( Photo 1 ).


Two are highlights that Microsoft has announced in the event of 30 days. One is Nadella CEO referred to as the “Conversations as a Platform (conversation as a platform)”, AI cloud to realize the conversation robot. Another is, it announced the biggest rival is called a will incorporate in whole Windows the function of the “Linux”, “Windows Subsystem for Linux” feature for the Windows OS.

Providing a cloud service of voice / image recognition function

Currently, the smart phone or tablet, if it is “iOS”, “Siri”, if it is “Android”, “Google Now”, and so, such as if the Windows “Cortana”, an assistant the ability to talk on the user and the voice It is mounted. Not only the device in the future, such as to be a variety of applications and Web sites, now these bot is installed, users without Arekore manipulate the UI, is conveyed in the conversation that you want to do your own app because so only need is, it is regarded of Nadella CEO.

Microsoft is to be able to develop a bot that user companies with AI easy, continue to provide, such as cloud service of AI. One of them, but to provide features such as image recognition and speech recognition as a service in the cloud, “Microsoft Cognitive Services”.

User companies only to write a simple code that calls an API (application programming interface) provided in the cloud, the function of the AI or to recognize an image or to recognize the speech, so incorporated in their applications.

For example, recognizing the subject in the image in the image-related “Computer Vision API” and recognize the feelings of the people, “Emotion API”, such as “Face API” recognizes a person, to convert voice to text in the voice-related “Speech API “and recognize the speaker to” speaker Recognition API “, to provide and recognize the meaning of the sentence” text Analytics API “in the language-related.

Cpetitive service of “Watson” of IBMom

Microsoft Cognitive Services is, in that it provides a variety of functions of AI, such as speech recognition as a service in the cloud, the US IBM’s “Watson Developer Cloud” and the US Google announced in March 2016, “Google Cloud Machine Learning” the same as.
Microsoft is a machine learning cloud that has been provided up to now, “Azure Machine Learning (ML)”, it was like learning that uses a model of the design and teacher data of machine learning the user needs to run. At this year it announced that Microsoft Cognitive Services, there is no need of a model of design and learning. Function of a variety of AI is, Microsoft has been developed using the machine learning. Particularly image recognition function, employs a “deep learning”.

Order a pizza from the messenger app

Microsoft also provides a bot program with the functions of the speech recognition and image recognition, is a mechanism to coordinate the messenger programs such as “Skype” and “Faceook Messenger,” “LINE”, “Microsoft Bot Framework” also.

With Microsoft Bot Framework, bot program will be able to interact with the user through the messenger program. Build in the keynote speech of 2016, “bots pizza chain was prepared is having a conversation with the user by using Skype, accepts a pizza order from the user,” showed off a demo of utilizing the “Emacs” editor on Windows.

Microsoft in recent years, or to provide a Linux virtual machine in the “Microsoft Azure” cloud services, such as or to announce the “SQL Server” for Linux, is to enrich the Linux-related initiatives. But as a development environment of Linux applications, rather than Windows, it is more of the “OS X” and Linux Apple was dominant. To make available the Bash and Ubuntu on Windows, aims to attract to Windows developers of Linux applications.


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