US Oracle, announced a private cloud service of pay-per-use system

US Oracle is March 24, 2016 (US time), it announced the “Oracle Cloud at Customer” private cloud of services provided in the pay-per-use system. To build the company’s private cloud of the public cloud with the same configuration in the customer data center, Oracle is also in charge of the operation. Usage fee is also […]


Strengthening “the conversation robot in every application”, the US Microsoft is the AI cloud

Instead of “mouse” and “touch panel”, what dialogue with conversational robot equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) (bot) becomes the protagonist of the user interface (UI) -. US Microsoft’s Satya Nadella CEO (Chief Executive Officer) in the event “Build 2016” which was held on March 30, 2016, was announced, such as AI cloud to realize the […]


Cloud provides NTT Com, the execution environment of SAP HANA in the monthly system

NTT Communications (NTT Com) is April 1, 2016, in enterprise IaaS cloud “Enterprise Cloud”, to provide the execution environment of the in-memory database server “SAP HANA” in monthly system “SAP HANA menu” ( Figure ) It was started. Although software license of SAP HANA is additionally necessary, be able to use the hardware of SAP […]


Cloud services to support the creation of a shift roster, the central system is started

Central system of IT Holdings Group March 30, 2016, towards such as retail stores and food service shop, cloud services “Shifukea” (to support the creation of a shift roster photo was started). Price (excluding tax), the employees (staff) 100 people minimum configuration at 3000 yen, 300 yen per additional 10 people. Initial cost is free. […]