Orange partners with SugarSync for an offer storage “in the cloud”

In the small world of online storage, DropBox has a great reputation, but it is not alone in its market. In the US one of its main competitors is called SugarSync . He landed this week in France through a partnership with Orange. Orange offers its business customers a solution Cloud Pro that will soon […]


Cloud storage offered with Intel CPU

Intel and OVH are joining forces to offer an interesting offer: to buy a processor Core i5-3570K or Core i7-3770K (both based on the Ivy Bridge technology and dedicated overclockers), OVH offers a one-year subscription to Hubic .   Hubic is the cloud storage system in the cloud hosting provider that offers a free account […]


Online storage: which to choose?

Year after year, the ” cloud ” is inserted more deeply into the applications. Even Mr. Everybody has heard and often uses it. Cloud services are increasingly extended and integrated with operating systems, especially on smartphones and tablets where they complement the low capacity of initial storage. However, all cloud services are not equal: they […]


The illusion of free online storage

  The fair price of online storage. “It’s too expensive”: in the field of online storage, often heard this objection from prospects that your proposal is fully adapted to its needs and interesting in terms of costs. What causes this rush to judgment on the prices of professional cloud storage services? The causes are many, […]