Simpler without inherited infrastructure

It may be easier for new companies to engage in the use of hybrid cloud services much faster than established companies because they do not have the long investment in the IT infrastructure that can make them less the obvious advantages of such a migration.Florentin Albu, CIO at the Food and Agriculture Organization says that […]


Can we really do anything in the Hybrid cloud? Impossible, according to IT managers

Cloud computing is still too risky for CIOs venture to accommodate them all enterprise applications. Although more and more companies are experimenting with applications based on hybric cloud computing, technology managers remain extremely cautious about the transfer of critical applications to the hybric cloud, citing among their concerns the safety, cost and reliability. 92% said […]


That uses the hybrid cloud computing?

In addition, the hybrid cloud (like the public cloud) is not well suited to situations where data transfers on both ends of the cloud is a critical operation, sensitive to the delay on the network and latency of polling time . For example, Tatsuya Kimura, head of international affairs at the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA), […]


What is the hybrid cloud? Why is it important?

Cloud Computing: While companies are trying to find a balance between having all IT services on-site and off-load computation time and storage in the cloud, an intermediate solution has emerged: the hybrid cloud computing. For years, computer makers and financial managers of companies are actively looking into cloud computing, but the most security-conscious reluctant to […]