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The illusion of free online storage



The fair price of online storage.

“It’s too expensive”: in the field of online storage, often heard this objection from prospects that your proposal is fully adapted to its needs and interesting in terms of costs. What causes this rush to judgment on the prices of professional cloud storage services?

The causes are many, but include the economic crisis (which is still good it must be admitted), a temporary financial difficulties for the company, unless this is the anguish of having bought 2 servers years ago a small fortune and they become useless?

In reality, the prospects are hiding behind these excuses but the causes of storage-in-line-too-expensive deeper.

The mainstream solutions have successfully marketing

They managed to make them believe they can store as much data as they want, safely, without risk of espionage or hacking, and they have nothing to pay. A bit unrealistic, do not you think?

Cloud computing is misunderstood and suffers from prejudice

There is also a lack of knowledge of cloud computing and the various components of online storage: the distinction public cloud/private , the difference in legislation between countries, many guarantees in terms of security, the cost of bandwidth etc. It is indeed easy to opt for a free consumer solution, but American therefore, unable to reach someone directly in case of technical problem, without having traceability and professional features, and without knowing where the data is stored .

They compare the incomparable

When before all the data were stored on an internal server, without features, without external backup, they now say that the cloud is a good alternative to transform their IT, and adopt a more appropriate solution. And that’s true ! So the demands are increasing: we want the provider agrees not to lose the data, and even provide a data loss insurance, as the good old internal server was never saved his life.

For the storage place, the emphasis on the choice of an ultra secure data center, to replace the broom closet in which was the server. And because one is never too careful, now we want 2 storage places, distant.

When the availability of the service, we wish to minimum of 24/24 7/7 without any break, whereas before the loss of the server would have resulted in forced unemployment of 48 hours, the time a computer moves and reinstalls all system. Therefore the Cloud solution, stored at several sites, available 24h / 24, and offering real guarantees, is offered at a higher cost than legitimately a USB hard drive, purchased commercially and shared on a NAS.

Before judging an offer “too expensive”, we must first know what we need

One thing is certain today is that the choice of cloud business is complex. One is led to having to store data of course, but also to be able to access it wherever we are, that the files amendments be broadcast in real time to all employees that send a large file by email takes that a click, and that security guarantees be high. “Oh, and they are stored in France as the data is important. “On that point we agree, but know that offering 100% made in France at a cost, including that of paying taxes in France, not to relocate its business in Ireland as our friends Americans do.

Before judging too expensive cloud solution, we must first know what is it that we really need , they are our security requirements, any use of the tool Will there be in my company ? But also, how much I really need to store? For it is not because we have an internal server 1 TB of storage that is occupying the 1 TB of storage. If you want a high-end service, with high safety conditions and contractual guarantees, then it will allocate budget accordingly.

A mobile package found normal to pay, but not the solution to secure its business data.

In the general spirit, we find normal to equip its employees with mobile phones and pay mobile plans, as they have no direct impact on business activity and safety of its data. Why be surprised that a secure and professional cloud solution is paid, then it conditions entirely sustainability and corporate productivity?

Data is what you value most you are willing to bet on free but risky solutions, or would you allocate the budget on a key cost item? Thus, be aware that for the same price of a mobile plan you can have a solution for sharing files with colleagues , send large files easily and safely store your company data.

The professional cloud does not cost more than a mobile package.

The unlimited, limited commercial bait by terms

Know firstly that unlimited does not exist! Yes you are offered free 1TB as an individual with consumer solutions, but do you store such quantity? Professionally, American giants that practice of low-cost do this through fundraising to conquer the market, at the risk of their sustainability. Thus a company like Box.com accounts for approximately 121 million dollars in losses.



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