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US Oracle, announced a private cloud service of pay-per-use system


US Oracle is March 24, 2016 (US time), it announced the “Oracle Cloud at Customer” private cloud of services provided in the pay-per-use system. To build the company’s private cloud of the public cloud with the same configuration in the customer data center, Oracle is also in charge of the operation. Usage fee is also the same as the public cloud.

Hardware and software to be used in the construction of a private cloud, the same as those used in the company’s public cloud, “Oracle Public Cloud.” Both hardware and software to be installed in the customer data center is the property of Oracle, a user company does not need to be a capital investment. Use fee is a pay-per-use of by the hour/month, there is no need to pay a fee if you do not use.

Well as services of the Oracle database (DB) and application server that contains a public cloud comprises of, available in this private cloud. Management for the API to be used for, such as operational management of the virtual machine (application programming interface) is also there is a public cloud and compatibility. Amit Zavery senior vice president to oversee the cloud business of Oracle argues that “because there is a fully compatible to the public cloud and the private cloud, the customer is free to migrate the system between the two cloud” ( photo ).

Zavery senior vice president, explains that “even while feeling attracted to good and rates of the ease of use of public cloud, but solutions for customers who had been hesitant to use the public cloud from a variety of constraints.” “Because it provides as operational management also Oracle service of the system, the customer or apply a patch to the system, or upgrade, there is no need or to back up the data.” (Mr. Zavery).

Among the leading public cloud operators, it provides the hardware and software of the public cloud with the same configuration for the private cloud, because further also provides investment management services Oracle for the first time. US Amazon Web Services (AWS) has provided a private cloud of the public cloud with the same configuration to the US CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), but this was a special support for the CIA.

US although Microsoft also sells a software called “Microsoft Azure” to be able to realize a private cloud of the same configuration, “Microsoft Azure Stack” in the public cloud, in this case, procurement and private cloud operations management of the hard user companies run there is a need to. To build a private cloud with the same hardware / software and public cloud as Oracle, example of operational management is also the vendor side is responsible for very rare. Zavery’s Oracle claims that “It is the first solution industry.”

Private cloud services that Oracle announced this time, but can be used in pay-per-use system, minimum contract period is present. “Although made in the negotiations of each customer, minimum contract period is expected to be three to five years.” According to the Zavery’s Oracle that.

NEC is a newer edition of the automatic file encryption software, to allow outside taking out of the file

NEC is March 24, 2016, announced the new edition “InfoCage FileShell V3.0” of security software to prevent information leakage through the files by automatically encrypted when a file is saved, it has shipped the same day. In the new edition, in addition to providing a mechanism for bring up the file safely to the outside as option, it was to avoid having to prepare a policy management server on-premises environment by the use of cloud services.

Under the management of the Active Directory Users can automatically encrypt the file without being conscious in particular, or to see the encrypted files automatically decrypted to. Windows Server file permissions management function of the extension of the “Active Directory Rights Management” (AD RMS), PDF and image in addition to the Office document file that AD RMS can be handled in a standard, automatically encrypt any file, such as a text file/decode.

The new version was greatly strengthened two functions. One is an optional feature to make Mochidaseru the file to the outside “di-out browse format protection options” ( Figure a). So you get to browse safely pass the file to the outside of the third party. Browse at the time of, launched a dedicated viewer software “di-out browse format protected file viewer”, a mechanism to enter the password that you specified during file generation.

In the viewing format protection options out equity, also has a function to be erased remotely file that has already crossed to the recipient accidentally sent from the sender side. As a mechanism, a dedicated viewer to access to the sender’s side server when you open the file, to check whether it is deleted. If you have become eligible for deletion, the viewer is to delete the file.



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